Monday, November 29, 2010

Jive MuthaFucka - Cortland Finnegan

Just finished the Texans games and realized I was pissed at two things.

1) Fuck! Corltand Finegan is one jive muthafucker. He hella threw his fist bumps and unleashed his inner jersey shore (via paully d) and caused my boy Andre Johnson to whoop his ass for bein a lame DB and an ugly mulato (via ny jew hybrid lenny kravitz mixed with GTL hair steez). I guess Cortney FAnigGan was sick and tired of failing to be deion-like/ revisIsland-like in trying keep multi-pro-browler (via future HOFer) Andre Johnson in check.


2.  DB skillz hella failed, so you had to settle for jive-talkin... This screwed me over and all my fantasy football broz over, since Andre Johnson will probably be suspended for beatin your ass. That means no competitive edge for my fantasy team with AJ suspended. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for white lightning 2.0 (Kevin Walter).

Whatchoo all think?

-Does Cortland Finnegan deserve to be suspended and not Andre Johnson?
-Should FInnegan be suspended for 4 games, and Andre just get fined?
-What do you think of Andre Johnson's rising pacman/Pacquiao (hybrid Kimbo MMA) boxing skills?
-Should Jeff Fisher check Finnegan the way he checked Vince Young-- IR + suspension?
-Do you think Cortland Finnegan is Paully D's NFL/ GTL doppelganger?

(update in case you don't like watching Texans' games...)