Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Peyton Manning Falling Out Of Elite Status?

I'm used to seeing Peyton Manning hella sellin me shit (via Don draper ad and nostalgia skillz). Whether it was get into the G-drinks gatorades, Reebok sneakers zigg technology, Direct TV nation packages NFL tix, or 3 TDs/game... Peyton Manning has always sold me that he is-- possibly was-- an elite QB (via making me a buyer in his pre-snap reading hot route audible skills accuracy deep throws). Also winning games and throwin' TD passes all over all kindsa defenses. But now Peyton Manning is starting to look like Eli Manning (circa years pre epic Super Bowl victory), with all them interceptions and costing the team games...  Peyton has been one of my bros all these years--- hella forcing me to jump Colt bandwagons and buy direct tv packages and rock reebok zigg tech shoes while I watch his games on direct tv NFL tix... But this Peyton Manning is no more. WHere are his elite skills? Why so many picks? Why so many losses? WHY must I shaking my fucking head at Peyton (via contemplating taking off my Peyton Manning jersey)?!!!!!!!

Tellin Blair White Project To Stop Making Him Look Falling Out Of Elite (via pick the ball off the DB picker)
Peyton, stop doing things that convey negative thoughts and negative emotions through your body language and arts of throwing picks?

Is Peyton Manning quickly falling off the Elite Status (via 3+ picks/ throwin 1 pick-six per game)?

Are the Colts organization mad faded off AFC South supremacy power juice, and have forgotten that they should have hired free agent RBs, free agent blocking TEs, free agent LTs, free agent RTs, free agent RGs, and free agent LGs? to help bring balance to their elite force/ win games?

Can't Peyton Manning be more like Brady and snap out of a funk (via weeks of throwin 1 td/game post iMiss2k7Moss) and lead a team to playoff cuntenderships?

Can Peyton be like his apathetic bro Eli (2007 epic win over Pats version) and make his team a 10-6 team that goes to win epic SuperBowls?

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