Friday, December 3, 2010

Jockin' (via no homo) Deion's Interview Skillz...

I don't know if you caught it or not, since your're either too cheap or just a poser football fan (via autodrafts/ sportcenter summaries) and don't want to get the NFL Network, but here is an amazing interview that Primetime had with Mike Vick. Of course he asked Mike Vick the typical Mike Vick questions:

"Wassup with ya passing game?"
"Wassup with your judgment/decision making?"
"Wassup with your outlook in life post Zebro/Bad Newz Kennelz?"

Click Here To Watch Deion Ask Mike Vick Deep Questions

But shit got real when Deion straight popped Vick this question. "Do you think what happened to you affects how NFL teams drafts Black QBs at #1 overall?" Prime's segue (via journalistic verbal segways) to bringin' up the complex issue (hybrid - part controversy part criminal histories i.e. Mike Vick i.e. Jamarcus Russel i.e. possibly Cam Newton at #1 overall) of drafting an African American QB #1 overall was definitely something no white interviewer or some Mickey Mouse bullsquatch ESPn_Zone personality would've asked. Props to Primetime for bringin' up real issues. Socio Political Racial issues that tend to get overlooked in sports and life... Do you think a black QB will ever get drafted #1 overall ever again (post Mike Vick and Jamarcus Russel debacles...)?

Do you think Cam Newton's controveries will keep him from being drafted at #1 overall?

Can Cam Newton redeem future black QBs poised to be drafted at #1 overall?

Will Mike Vick ever hit redemption and complete "Great Job Mike Vick Redemption Amazing Story Unabridged Version"?

Should Deion continue to ask deep serious socio political racial questions when interviewing NFL_athletes?

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