Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jets Hype R.I.P.

Androgynous Jets Fan Cuntemplating Buying  Patriots Hoodie with sleeves to be cut, while rocking a throwback Drew Bledsoe Jersey to avoid bandwagon suspicions...

After all the hype surrounding this Monday night game (via Rex Ryan stating his love for William Bellicheat and drawing comparisons to his model-dating skillz to Thomas Brady's), there's one thing we can say is for sure/ hella certain... The Jets suck balls. Their lips are so balls deep, the owners, players, and Jets fans must rub Tapatio hot sauce (via in acknowledge of Mark Sanchez Mexicant QB heritage) over their eyes to keep themselves from crying.  Every Jets jerkoff bandwagon-- ESPN PTI (via ugly jew clown no makeup arguing with Mikey Wilbon) NFL NETWORK AROUND THE HORN-- jerking off in the Jets bandwagon can now shut the haaaayyyeelll up.

Do you think the Jets have been pretenders this whole time?

Is Rex Ryan like Mikey Singletary and just all take and blue collar motivational speaker defense expert?

Can the Jets win with awesome defense, decent running, awesome WRs, and shitty 2nd year QB (via failed Matty Ice Joe Flacco impersonation)?

Should Rex Ryan staple his mouth shut?

Should Thomas Brady record with a FLip Vidya of him performing bookak into Giselle's mouth (via droppin Patriotic loads) while whiping himself clean with a RevisIsland jersey ?

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