Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jockin (via no homo) The Eagles' Week 13 Win

In probably the second most exciting THursday Night game ever, Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles straight up dropped a 34 on the Houston Texans (via 34-24 home field at lincoln financial field win). Vick and Shady McCoy hella tore it up hooking me and my fantasy broz up. Menos puto puntoz though for Vick's INT and Vick's fumble (no bueno if you on standard yahoo fantasy system). But all good. And more importantly, Vick puts his former backup (via benchwarmer circa dogfighting/zebro era) Matt Schaub in place-- who earlier this week said (via NFL network Eagles vs. Texans pregame show) Vick had a questionable work ethic back in they ATL dayz. Mike Vick threw for 2 TD passes (via Andy Reid Bill Walsh West Coast offense hybrid screens), and rushed for 1 (via Qb snuck in). Meanwhile, props to Shady McCoy for going overlooked once again for his sickness (via 2 TDs 130 total yds)

Now for some memorable momentz...

Vick and Andy Reid mutual understanding mutual respect hand shake (via hybrid handshake slap five)

Brian Cushing no more juicing sneakin extreme closeup up Vick ass (via possible homo)

Lesean McCoy (aka Shady McCoy) helpin his boy Mike Vick in his NFL MVP campaign (via celebratin' after catchin' Vick TD pass)...

Vick givin his traditional black man props to god...

Shady McCoy remindin heads that he can bein' hella versatile (via on the field play or celebrations)

Vick givin eternal apology props to Zebro and the rest of Bad Newz Kennelz...

 Andre (aka Dre) Johnson still thinkin how he was 2 hits away from destroyin unchill mulato bro Cortland Finnegan's orbital...

Mike Vick givin props to both...

Honorable Mentions:

Where was Asante Samuels? Do you think he was afraid of Andre Johnson's Finnegan-whoopin skillz?

Are Vick and the Eagles the best team in the NFC (via better than Vick's former team the Falcons (aka DrrtyBrrds)?

Will Matt Schaub ever be better than Vick?

WIll there ever be a legit Texas NFL team ever again?

Should Shady McCoy get at least 20+ carries to be a leading fantasy rusher?

Will Mike Vick continue to win in the cold as the winter season continues to progress?

Will Mike Vick and the Eagles go to the Super Bowl (via beating the Falcons in ATL in NFC championship-- ergo completing the "Great Job Mike Vick Redemption Amazing Story Unabridged Version")

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