Monday, December 13, 2010

Jockin' (via no homo) Desean's pre-touchdown rituals...

-Last night, Desean Jackson humiliated the Texan Cowboys (via droppin' 210 yards in 4 catches)!
-But surprise surprise (sarcasm saying), the sports critics and Cowboys fans are hatin' on my boy Desean Jackson.

-But I got his back (via no homo). I'm actually dedicating this blog post and writing from the heart to thank Desean Jackson for two thing.

     1. Thanks Desean for them fantasy points!

    2. Thanks Desean for makin' the game hella exciting and entertaining by puttin' up prolific yards   and celebrating and humiliating your opponents.

-I like how you don't just give a fuck.

-After what the Cowboys did to the Eagles last year (via regular season sweep + playoff defeat), I can appreciate a lil showboat.

-It's not like a gratuitous borderline choreagraphed/ rehearsed celebration (via T.Ochocinco circa early 2Ks...).

-I like how you stay true to your pre-touchdown endzone entrances (aka EEs/endzone entrances).

Tossin/Droppin (via Loads) The Ball On The BurntBoyz
Flippin into the endzone after dusting fools in irrelevant high school bowl (via Friday Night Lights circa Smash Williams era)

Do you think the penalty that Desean Jackson got for this TD was uncalled for (via old man ref premature flag throw for act before crossing the end zone)?

Do you think Desean Jackson should be flagged for his endzone "celebrations?"

Should Deasean Jackson continue to mess with Texas?

Is Desean Jackson the T.Ochocinco of the 2k10K?

Should Mikey Wilbon and Timothy Cowlishaw eat a dick for hatin' on Desean (via nostalgic Mariotti genitalz)?

Is No Fun League a meaningful nickname for the NFL?

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